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Welcome to the world of angels.

Gabriel Perez has a dream- To become the Ruling Archangel of Celestia. 

The catch?

He doesn't have wings. 

After failing the entrance, Gabriel stumbles on a wanted criminal, and by a stroke of fate, and becomes embroiled in a high-profile abductions case. He is sent to the best guild- The Holy Guild- for protection where he gets a shot at his dream of becoming a Ruling Archangel. 


However, everything comes at a price and despite having the best adventure of his life, Gabriel soon realizes that he'll have to overcome his biggest demons to fulfill his dream. Filled with excitement and adventure, Angel Land is a story about the power of dreams. 

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Coming this fall....



commission 177- title.png

Angel Land is now available on Amazon. 

Thank you all for visiting my website. Here, you can find updates about my upcoming books. Feel free to get in touch if you ahve any questions or comments. 

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